The 3 Stages
of application

In order to become a cadet the first stage is to send in an application.

If your application is successful then you will be invited to a cadet selection day at the beginning of the cadet season.

If after this day you decide that you would like to be a LGC Cadet then you will be offered 3 months temporary membership where you will be in competition with the other new cadets to stay on the scheme for the remainder of the year.

The LGC Cadet Scheme is very popular and it is unfortunate that we are unable to offer full cadet membership to everyone who applies.

Initial Application

The initial application to join the LGC Cadet Scheme is very straight forward and involves a short application form.

It really doesn't matter if you have flown before or not, what we are looking for is enthusiastic young people to become glider pilots.

However, you will need to sell yourself so have a good think about the answers to your questions. Why do you deserve to be on the scheme over someone else?

Also ensure that spelling and grammar is correct, as this may just be the difference between your application and someone elses.

Cadet selection day

If your application is successful then you will be invited to attend a selection day at the London Gliding Club with your parents/guardians.

Here you find out more about the scheme, airfield operations and have your first flights.

On this day you and your parents will need to sign a membership form and pay for your membership, plus a couple of flights.

Assessment period

After the cadet selection day you will be able to attend the Gliding Club and fly as you wish.

During this temporary period you will be judged on your activity, for example, you attendance, enthusiasm and helpfulness around the club.

As the cadets are highly subsidised by the general LGC membership it is a requirement that the cadets help around the club and show a commitment to your gliding.

Sometimes certain jobs will be given by the cadet instructors, but the cadet should remain open minded and offer assistance at any time (eg. offer to clean the club glider trailers).

By the end of May the cadet mentoring instructors will decide who will be offered 'full time' cadet membership.

If you are unsuccessful it is not a huge issue, LGC offers reasonably priced junior membership until the age of 30.

Time line

All year – applications to join the cadet scheme can be sent in.

February – cadet applications are processed.

March – cadet selection (and renewal) in time for the Easter Holidays.

March onwards – normal cadet activities.

End of May - Final decisions on who is offered full time cadet membership.

Application forms

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