Cadet K21

For Solo cadets that have not yet achieved PA1 we are introducing a new system.

It provides a K21 for post solo development flying, which also fulfils the “check flight” needed before flying solo.

This should be with a Cadet Instructor, but other instructors may assist from time to time.

This will allow us to manage and monitor cadets early solo flying and eventually prepare them for their PA1 rating.

If you want to make use of this you MUST email Robin and Dan.

The glider is currently booked under the name "Cadets" and can be viewed on e-allocator.

The glider will be booked for either day of the weeeknd, depending on booking availability.


In order to get a training flight (or book a K21 for other use) you must use the e-allocator online booking system. Please read all the notices on the “Notice Board” part of e-allocator and make sure you understand the rules.