• Marley Hippolyte: At the launch point: "I really wish I was naked right now"
  • Chris Lodge: "Are Unicorns real? Seriously?"
  • Emily Tillet: "I like stubble fields"
  • Chris Lodge: Is 1 minute the same as 60 seconds?
  • Sammy Venables: "Ground effect is where you are so close to the ground that the glider can't land"
  • Grant Pottage: Is HCV a wooden glider?
  • Sammy Venables: "Is fire hot?"
  • Sammy Venables: "Is it better if min-sink is higher or lower?"
  • Sammy Venables: "I can't go over there, there are girls there!"
  • Liam Bennett: "Paul Calendar is instructing tomorrow."
    Clement: "Calendar??"
  • Tom Russell: "Who is the prime minister of Wales?"
  • Sammy Venables: "And the Go Kart just flew off like a fish!"
    Everyone: "A fish??"
  • Sammy Venables: Liam: "And then Trevor said 'No, I've kidnapped his wife'"
    Sammy: "WHAT????? Oh, I thought you mean Trevor from the restaurant, not from GTA V!"
  • Sammy Venables: "Can I have a pet spitting swan?"
  • Kate Francis: "Sorry, I didn't hit anyone did I?" (Just after nearly lopping someone's head off whilst landing)
  • Sammy Venables: "Do ants feel pain?"