The 4 Stages
of application

To become a cadet, the first stage is to complete an initial application online.

The following sections detail the various stages in the selection process and before making an application you should understand the commitment you are making to the scheme.

The LGC Cadet Scheme is very popular and sadly we are unable to offer more than a handful of places each year.

Normally, there is only ONE intake per annum. Very rarely, places might be awarded mid-year.

Initial Application

The initial application to join the LGC Cadet Scheme is very straight forward and involves a short application form which can be found at the bottom of this page.

The London Gliding Club is principally looking for enthusiastic young people to become glider pilots. Having gliding experience, specifically if you have taken an experience and continued flying during your temporary membership period at the London Gliding Club is a distinct advantage!

You will need to sell yourself so have a good think about the answers to your questions. Why do you deserve to be on the scheme over someone else? What aspirations do you have for a career in aviation? Do you have enough time, and live close enough to commit to the scheme?

Also ensure that spelling and grammar is correct, as this may just be the difference between your application and another applicant.

The initial application can be submitted at anytime during the year providing the application process is open.

The Shortlist

All the applications received will be reviewed and a shortlist created. If you are lucky enough to be shortlisted, you will be contacted to ensure that you are still interested in the scheme.

You may also be asked any relevant follow-up questions that arise from the Cadet Instructors review of your application.

The successful applicants will then be invited to attend the Cadet Introduction Day, which usually occurs in March.

Cadet Introductory Day

If your application is successful then you will be invited to attend the Introductory Day at the London Gliding Club with your parents/guardians. There is normally only one introductory day so it is important that you are able to attend this.

Here you find out more about the scheme, airfield operations and have your first flights.

On this day you and your parents will need to sign a membership form and pay for your annual membership, and if weather permits take your first flight(s) as an LGC Cadet.

Assessment Period

After the cadet selection day, you will be introduced to the systems used at LGC and be able to book days to receive glider training.

During this temporary period, you will be judged on your activity, for example, you attendance, enthusiasm and helpfulness around the club.

As the cadets are highly subsidised by the general LGC membership it is a requirement that the cadets help around the club and show a commitment to their gliding.

You will be shown how to assist in launching gliders and how to retrieve gliders that have landed amongst other things, you will be expected to help with these things when not flying.

Your place on the LGC Cadet scheme may be revoked and offered to another applicant if you are not shown to give the right level of commitment to your gliding. After all our places are highly sought after!

Time line

All year – applications to join the cadet scheme can be sent in.

February – cadet applications are processed.

March – cadet selection (and renewal) in time for the Easter Holidays.

March onwards – normal cadet activities.

End of May - Final decisions on who is offered full time cadet membership.

Application form

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