All the relevant manuals are accessible from this page.

The most important is the aircraft flight manual. It is a very generic manual and any differences and the specific weight schedule from our own asw19 will be added in due course.

The primary navigation/final glide device is an Oudie, which is a custom Windows PC on which See You Mobile is running, so look at the Oudie Manual for the physical computer, but use the See You Mobile manual for normal use of this device.

ASW 19b Flight Manual

Oudie 2 Manual

See You Mobile Manual

KRT2 Radio Manual

Tasman V1000 Electronic Variometer Manual

Garrecht TRX 2000 Flarm Manual

Nano 3 Flight Logger Manual

Volkslogger Manual

Fuse layout

There is a huge amount of information here, so it is suggested that the Flight Manual, the Radio and Variometer manuals are read as a minimum before flying HCV.

HCV photo